WHY you create anxiety and the SOLUTION

In a nutshell, the mind creates the fight or flight response to protect us from a perceived danger. The problem is that there is no REAL danger, the CONTEXT resembles a threatening situation from the past. Anxiety can be best described as an adrenalin / fearful thinking loop. So, both thinking and the physical symptoms of a heightened release of adrenalin are present.

There are a number of ways your experiences can trigger the amygdala to create the fight or flight response. You often hear people saying that they get anxiety or panic attacks for no reason, this is not the case. Everything that happens is cause-and-effect, anxiety is no different. The fact is that you consciously may not be aware of why panic is triggered. 

Any thought, situation, place, time, sensory cue, etc that broadly resembles an experience of danger from the past can trigger the fight or flight response. The "danger" can be either a physical or emotional threat. Breaking the link between the present CONTEXT and the original threatening experience is the ONLY true solution to the problem. This is what my online program can help you to do. All medication and conventional therapy can do are help you "manage" the SYMPTOMS of anxiety, you are still creating anxiety.  

If you were the victim of trauma, you could become frightened by the location or indeed any element of the situation could trigger panic. Let's say you were viciously attacked by a dog in the wood, you could develop a fear of dogs and a fear of woods. And not just that, any dominant element of the experience could also be a trigger for panic. For instance, if a pigeon was cooing loudly when the attack was happening, you could develop a fear of pigeons or indeed a fear of birds in general, and so on.

It is important to remember that a witness to trauma is the victim of trauma. The witnessing could be in a real-life situation or indeed an experience through the media. For instance, many people developed a fear of flying after the 9/11 twin towers destruction.

When a person experiences a dangerous situation, the amygdala will create a response to prevent the person from experiencing that danger again. The problem is that it will over-protect and the response may not be logical.

You now can get the gist of how anxiety and panic are created, the good news is that the amygdala can be retrained to no longer associate the CONTEXT with danger. The goal of my online program is to help you do just that.

My "Freedom From Anxiety" program gives the BEST chance of breaking totally free from anxiety. HERE is the link to the program.

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