Stress and panic attacks


When we feel highly stressed, we should take measures to deal with the stress as it can lead to different physical and emotional problems, panic attacks are one possible outcome of excessive stress

Our emotions are signals to us that there is a problem in our ability to cope with the demands of life, they help us avoid certain situations, etc – in other words, they are our friends, even though it may not seem the case.

If you get a pain in your stomach, the pain is not the problem it is a signal that there is a problem internally and you should investigate it. You wouldn't keep taking painkillers for days, weeks, months ahead, would you? Yet, this is exactly what happens when we get emotional signals. Anxiety, depression, stress, etc are seen as “the problem” as opposed to being seen as symptoms of the problem.

So, your doctor will give medication to help “the problem” of anxiety, depression, etc. This is a skewed view of why we create emotional states and it doesn't serve people well.

So, I am not going to tell you “how to manage stress” I want to help you avoid it in the first place. There are two aspects to a stressed life: your physical and mental capacity to take on the challenges of life.


If you have a bad diet, are overweight, don't get proper sleep, don't exercise, pollute your body with drugs such as nicotine, don't get sufficient rest, etc you will feel stressed because you are not physically in shape for the energy demands of your challenges – home, work, etc. If this is the case you are heading for trouble, it is similar to having the engine of a mini in a truck.

If you are taking on more than you have the energy or physical capacity to manage, then it is for you to decide if you want to continue down this road. If you compare the life of primitive people to our lives, you can see the gap between the two. People are taking on way too much in order to survive financially or to feel worthy or of value in life. You may have to seriously question what you value in life.


Your perspective on events determines your emotional response. This perspective is ingrained subconsciously, it has developed over your lifetime.

Your perspective is an intricate structure of thoughts that determine your needs, how to respond to interpersonal communication, your self-image, etc. It determines how resourceful you feel in dealing with life. This section of stress can just alert you to the need to delve more deeply into how you mentally create stress in your life. I strongly advise you to continue on the road of personal development.

Challenges, setbacks, and disappointments happen in life, the question is how you handle them. All you can do is get stronger, get wiser and get better. Life happens, don't wish things could be easier, wish you could be better. Don't wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills and wisdom. It not what happens that matter, it is what you do that matters.

You WILL experience stress.

Everyone experiences stress. When you change as a person and take a new attitude to life, the frequency, duration, and intensity of stressful moments will be dramatically different. When challenging events happen what should you do? Remember that emotion is a physical manifestation of your thoughts, so anything that relaxes the body will help. (of course, the first thing to do is shift to a pleasant memory and feel the good feelings of the memory. You soon realize that you need to shift your perspective that is causing the stress).

I will conclude with a well-known and important quote “to achieve something that you never achieved before, you have to become someone you have never been before”.

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