The "Freedom From Anxiety" affiliate program

You can earn 75% commission on each sale. If you are interested in joining an affiliate program that has the potential to become a significant source of affiliate income, then The Freedom From Anxiety affiliate program is right for you.

WHY anxiety?

Anxiety is a growing problem and sufferers are looking for a solution. There are over 500,000 searches each month for the keyword "anxiety". There is great potential for affiliates in this area of mental health. You can make a REAL difference in peoples' lives by promoting the program.

WHY the "Freedom From Anxiety" program?

There are many programs, books, and workbooks in the anxiety space but the methods suggested don't provide a lasting SOLUTION for anxiety suffers. The method of my program is totally different from 95% of what you find in therapy, internet programs, etc. Anxiety sufferers are looking for something different from the approaches that have failed them.

Your hoplink.

New to Clickbank? Go to and create an account. After signing in go to the marketplace and search for "Freedom From Anxiety Program". When you click on PROMOTE it will give you an encrypted version of the hoplink above. It is always advisable to encrypt the link as there are cowboys operating on the internet.


While I have certain banners included, people have developed banner blindness. They don't work the way that they used to in the past. Links in content work the best.

Affiliates are not to use the word ‘SCAM’ to promote and sell my program. This marketing tactic of warning the reader of a hoax or scam in order to then sell the product backfires and is damaging to the brand and all affiliate sales. TRUST is key for long-term success. 

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are highly effective, I have provided some videos for you. The first video can be an effective lead magnet.

Be honest. Do not fabricate a false success story. People will see through it and it damages your chance of making a sale and our reputation.