Freedom From Anxiety

The "Freedom From Anxiety" Program
Anxiety is CURABLE!

This approach changes everything about the way the problem is treated

The METHOD of the program is a fast and effective way of overcoming anxiety. I can vouch for this method that I have used for over two decades to help suffers to make a total recovery.

The common approaches in the treatment of anxiety can keep the person without a SOLUTION. Anxiety is not a mental illness but rather a problem of an over-sensitized nervous system that can be easily corrected with the right approach. The goal of the popular approaches is to help people "cope" with anxiety, it is all about management. However, this leads to a life-long struggle with anxiety


Tried treatments WITHOUT success?


Medication and therapy/ counseling just keep the vast majority of anxiety suffers locked into a life-long struggle with the problem. In fact, talk therapy can actually make the person's anxiety worse in many cases. Medication at best just numbs the nervous system so the person can feel better, it doesn't solve what is causing the problem. Medication is recommended for short-term use only, ongoing use can have serious side-effects. Believe it or not, the side-effects listed for some medications for anxiety are panic attacks and depression.


A life-changing program


This is a how-to-do program to break the cycle of anxiety, You will discover WHY and HOW you have created the problem. You will be given the tools to quickly achieve a sense of control so that you are no longer scared of the powerful rush of adrenalin that drives the fight or flight response in your body. You will no longer be afraid of being afraid.

After years utilizing the traditional approaches to treating anxiety, I accidentally discovered a counterintuitive approach in the late nineties that would transform my effectiveness as a therapist. This is a REVOLUTIONARY approach that went under the radar with the introduction of medication and the rising popularity of talk therapy.

This METHOD is a true solution for anxiety. I was able to bring my expertise on the subconscious mind to bear on the method, and in so doing I created a UNIQUE in-clinic treatment program. Down the years I have helped so many people with the program who lost their freedom to live carefree lives due to anxiety. The program is so successful that I decided to make it available as an online program which I called The "Freedom From Anxiety" program. The online program has achieved similar results to those achieved by my private one-to-one clients.

The Program

This is a digital product for instant download that can help Panic Attacks, General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety and Fears/Phobias.

The E-book.
Here you get the strategies on how to break free from panic attacks.

The Video.
The CORE strategies to help you break free from anxiety.

3 X Mp3
I communicate directly with your emotional mind to create new automatic responses.

Audio 1. Embrace adrenalin. Your mind becomes programmed to stop being afraid of the fight or flight response in your body.
Audio 2. The Safety Switch. This is a POWERFUL technique to quickly establish a feeling of SAFETY. This safety switch trigger can remind your brain that you are safe and help you switch off the adrenalin rush as soon as you notice it beginning before it becomes a full-blown panic attack.
Audio 3. Unwind. Anxiety causes the body to be in a physically stressed state from the ongoing high level of adrenalin production, this audio will help release this stress. Additionally, the audio addresses the "what if" foreboding thinking so that you can mindfully choose the thoughts of a non-anxious person in the given situation.

What people say about the program


"Anxiety consumed me, I was almost suicidal thinking as I thought I would have to live the rest of my life with panic attacks. The program was a Godsend, it didn't just change my life, it probably saved my life. I had tried therapies and medication without any success, I thought nothing could help but I was wrong. Thanks to the program I have my life back again." Mary Moran.

"I struggled badly with panic attacks until I got the Freedom From Anxiety program. I was also ashamed because I thought I had a mental problem, I now know that anxiety is a behaviour problem and happy to speak about it. Please, don't keep suffering like I did. You can be helped, one-day suffering is too long" Joan Peters.

"I kept quiet about my anxiety for so long, thinking I was weak to be so fearful with panic. The bravest of people in the most dangerous professions can suffer panic attacks in everyday situations, I was one of those. Fighting anxiety every day takes bravery. You don't need to keep fighting, the download can help you." George Mooney.

I want YOU to be another success story







Imagine your life FREE from anxiety







Michael McGuinness, your anxiety coach.
Hi, my name is Michael McGuinness and I have over 20 years experience specializing in the treatment of anxiety. See more about me HERE.

I am the creator of this life-changing program for people who suffer from panic attacks. The method of this program has helped thousands of people and I urge you to avail of the program, don't miss this opportunity can transform your life.

Start your success journey NOW

My private, one-on-one clients pay $120 per hour for the program but I’m giving you my most
powerful tools in this easy-to-follow program for just a fraction of the cost.
The program is PRICELESS should you start to live a life FREE from anxiety.

Buy NOW for ONLY $29.95

The program is TEMPORARILY unavailable.


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